I Can’t Pay My Credit Card Debt – What is Going to Happen to Me?

I can't pay my credit card debt... I woke one day to that realization. I can't pay my credit card debt and I don't know what is going to happen to me. It was a very scary time, filled with uncertainty and doubt. Will they take my home? Will creditors take my truck? Will my collection agents take my furniture? Now that I have been through this process, [...]

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Credit Card Debt – The Silent Financial Killer

Technological innovation ruins people's vagaries. It has a tendency to accommodate every human caprices. It nourishes on people's never-ending hunger for quick, [...]

Simple Guide to Understanding Credit Card Debt Management

You have a credit card for every need! You have the personal one; the corporate one; and, you even have one for your college student. Such a variety of carefree spending [...]